BHP is the Bitcoin Hash Power token

Hash power mining

One BHP token represents one terahash of a miner. The number of minted token is always less than miners terahashes IBX owns.

Hash power BHP mining

You can always check the number of tokens minted on the blockchain as well as the total terahash in IBX mining pool realtime and the quantity of bitcoins mined every single day.

You can use your BHP tokens in our mining farms or if you prefer you can redeem the tokens and have the miner sent to the mining farm of your choice.

BHP tokens minted
+ 0
Terahash backing the tokens
+ 0
Miners in Iceland
USA Canada

BHP is totally transparent

On the website of BHP mining accounts with Antpool and F2pool you can check realtime the total hashrate of the miners backing the BHP tokens as well as the bitcoins mined every day.

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Improve transparency

Blockchain technology is designed to enhance transparency. All data on the blockchain is accessible for anyone to review, promoting openness and trust in digital transactions


You can easily check that each BHP is backed by one Terahash of mining hardware by confronting the number of tokens minted at the ERC20 token smart contract address with the total hashrate of the miners backing the BHP tokens.

Antpool and F2pool

Have a look at the website of BHP mining accounts with Antpool and F2pool you can check realtime the total hashrate and the bitcoins mined every day by the IBX miners.

Token distribution

The bitcoins mined are then distributed to the owner of the BHP tokens that are allocated in our mining farms net of electricity costs (7 euro cents per kWh) for running the share of the miners represented by each token.

Miners behind BHP

Antminer S19 PRO

Antminer S19J

Antminer S19 XP

Antminer S19J PRO

The miners backing the BHP tokens

IBX AG is a pioneering company that has firmly established itself in the world of cryptocurrency mining. With a track record of success and a commitment to excellence, IBX AG has become a trusted name in the industry. Let’s delve into some key statistics that showcase the company’s impressive journey. IBX AG operates mining facilities in strategic locations around the world, including Iceland, the USA, and Canada. This global presence ensures a diversified and resilient mining network.

In conclusion, IBX AG stands as a leading player in the cryptocurrency mining industry, with a strong emphasis on BHP and Bitcoin mining. The company’s dedication to efficiency, profitability, and global reach has made it a trusted name among investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike. With a track record of success and a bright future ahead, IBX AG continues to shape the landscape of cryptocurrency mining.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I like to mine on a different farm?

Redeem the BHP tokens and get the actual miner

You can redeem the BHP tokens and have the miner sent to your preferred mining farm. You need a number of BHP tokens corresponding to the total terahash of the miner. BHP is backed by various miners model: Antminer XP 140T – S19 pro 110T – S19J 104T- S19J100T – Avalon 1246 90T. When you redeem BHP it is up to IBX to choose with which of the miner models to redeem the tokens. IBX chooses a model according to what is available in stock and out of the mining pools, it could be any one of the models
mentioned above. You need to redeem an amount of BHP tokens corresponding to total terahash of the miner available in stock.

Find out more on BHP Whitepaper

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